I am by no means a coffee expert, but I would label myself a big hobbyist.

I love a good cup of coffee but I’m also interested in the brewing, the methods, different tools, different beans, etc.

This is the brew I make almost every morning!

I love to have a milk based drink early in the morning, so I try to make a espresso with my Aeropress

For this I use a darker roast of beans, but no specific ones, I love to try new beans.

I use a Timemore Chestnut C2 hand grinder , and for this brew I have it set up for 10 clicks. So it’s pretty fine grind.

  • - The inverted Aeropress is the way to go here.
  • - Around 18gr of coffee
  • - Add the coffee to the inverted Aeropress
  • - Add 90gr of water
  • - Stir to remove any clumps
  • - Fasten the cap with the pre-rinsed filter
  • - Let it sit for around minute
  • - Slowly press the coffee to the cup.

When I have stirred the coffee I turn on the milk frother to froth the Oatly iKaffe milk. I’ve found that this milk is both very good and froths well.

This combo is great! I look forward to have it every morning.

The hand grinding and manually making this cup of coffee is good morning ritual to start the morning!

Let me know what’s your morning brew.